Model 14 BandSaw

Welcome to my Rockwell 14" band saw site!

For a long time I have wanted to attain a Rockwell Model 14 Band Saw, and finally, I have. Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted 1 of these. In my pre-teens, I was able to get a Craftsman 10" motorized bandsaw, then a few years later, a 12" Craftsman bandsaw sander. But... never the top of the line Rockwell 14" bandsaw.

Anyway, the saw did need a bit of work, cleaning and adjustments, replacing some small things, but it was in a "working" state when I got it.

This band saw is MADE IN AMERICA,  made of QUALITY materials  & parts, AND built to last, unlike all crap imported today that is worthless. This saw was made in March of 1981 (according to the rep I called at Delta), and works 100% better than any new or used saw from "foreign shores".

See the articles, pictures, and video of what I have done to this saw to make it AWESOME!




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